Our Mission: From an Idea to a Wholesome Functioning Project

Company “Orion”, an experienced developer and manufacturer of modern modular floating systems, has been successfully operating on the local and international market since 2006. In recent years, we have grown into a leading Ukrainian company, specializing in docking and mooring services for watercrafts such as yachts and boats in Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. The products of our company are certified in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001. We love our business, and for us, there is no greater challenge.

The Basic Principles of Our Work:

Customer satisfaction

Services provided by “Orion” are driven by the need to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In other word, our customers determine to a high extent the goals and trends of product design and development for the company. With the input of customers in mind, our work is then targeted on the execution of the task with maximum efficiency and quality. To ensure greater customer satisfaction, we diversify and developed several alternatives and variants of our projects, which are subject to discussions with clients to enable them to choose the most optimal variant based on their individual interests. We understand and appreciate the usefulness of results of our work for each client.

Continuous development and improvement

Company ``Orion`` comprises of a team of professionals who see the design, development and production of quality products as their major challenge. Our specialists constantly improve and streamline their work, introducing new designs and technologies as well as a unique system of rapid processing of orders. To achieve this, the company has its own well-equipped high-tech industrial base and furnished warehouses with necessary and adequate productive facilities and relevant amenities.


Our managers and engineers-designers rapidly and effectively respond to the dynamically evolving and growing market, learning and following new market trends and innovative ideas and applying them in practice in the execution of orders. This allows our clientele to securely achieve the goals they have set for themselves in terms of their own satisfaction, based on a variety of individual interests.

Flexible pricing policy

Our company carries out a flexible pricing policy; and we are always ready and willing to meet every client halfway, based on his/her needs and limitations.

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We offer two main products:

1. Plastic modular floating pontoons (TU U 35.1-13920050-001:2006) for temporary prefabricated offshore installations, which can be built and used in private (protected) sea or river areas, including other navigable water areas on lakes, firths, or estuaries. We also provide and maintain a wide range of additional service equipments that are fitted on these installations.

Purpose and scope of application of such offshore installations:

– Temporary floating piers, berths, wharves, harbors, docking base for small rowing and motor boats, yachts, steamers, schooner, etc;
– Artificial islands for recreation and sports;
– Temporary protection areas of coastal waters, with the aim of creating on these water areas the most favorable and comfortable conditions for relaxation and recreation;
– Fish farming, cultivation of seafood, aquaculture (farm ponds).

Elements of the installations can withstand multiple assembly-disassembly (at least 50 cycles) without damage. The estimated ultimate load capacity of installations is 350 kg/m2, and with this capacity the immersion does not exceed 400 mm. The estimated ultimate strength of the fastening element of the installation at a force of rupture is 500 kg.

2. Rigid floating structures (TU U 35.1-13920050-002:2008), protected by Patent of Ukraine № 17955 as of 10 December 2008, which allow the rapid creation of rigid floating mooring systems of various configurations and for different purposes. The main element of such a system is a floating pontoon (berth section), consisting of mooring fingerfloats that dramatically increase the number of docking spaces on the pier. Other components of these structures are gangways, which function as access points to the deck of the floating pontoon.

All these designs are intended for the following:

– Berths for small ships, yachts, and boats;
– Berths for repairs and service in navigation, shipbuilding and ship repair;
– River crossing and bridges;
– Helicopter pads or decks;
– Floating production platform;
– Concert halls;
– floating pontoons for cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, seafood;
– a platform for public events: festivals, sporting events, promotions;
– Mobile harbor for unfastened shorelines and beaches with difficult access;
– and plants for wastewater treatment and pumping platforms, and scaffolding.

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