Company «ORION» is one of the leading developers and producers of floating marinas in Ukraine.

The company operates on the markets of Arab countries, Russia, and Belarus. The total number of personnel is 250. With at least 10 years of hands-on experience in marinas construction and operation, each employee of our Design Department is responsible for the designing of the company’s modular floating pontoons.

In the process of designing, our specialists base their work on the results of studies conducted by ChernomorniProject, certified by the company “Bureau Veritas Quality International” and also by the Shipping Registry and Quality Management System in Ukraine.

Company “Orion” offers a wide range of solutions from easy-to-assemble plastic modules to rigid metallic pontoons on plastic floats with discretely adjustable height of free board, as well as various accessories for marinas:
– Pontoons, fingerfloats, gangways and access boards;
– Mooring bollards and cleats;
– Service pedestals for the supply of water and electricity;
– Installation for fuel-filling stations on floating pontoons;

Company «ORION» has an engineering and design department, providing a range of services required for the industrial construction and operation of marinas.

– development of marinas design;
– as well as production and supply;
– supervision and installation;
– after-sale maintenance services.

“ORION, Ltd” has implemented and been certificated for quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, which provides for the control of all processes related to the production of floating pontoons, including the purchase of raw materials and components, selection and evaluation of all suppliers, design and manufacture of construction components to suit individual project and customer requirements, products delivery to specific customers, as well as after-sales service.

The Basic Elements of the System Used by “Orion, Ltd”

The involvement of top management in the process of ensuring high and stable quality of labor and products at all stages of design, development, and upgrading of business and permanent incentives for employees to achieve the highest standards of product quality.

The involvement of buyers (customers) in the process of creating qualitative indicators of finished product by means of their participation in the design, manufacture and installation, as well as the timely delivery of information to the service/maintenance department of company about product defect, discovered deviation and discrepancies in quality (so-called feedback from the buyer).

Quality assurance during the design (development) stage. Our engineers and designers constantly carry out innovative design of products, taking into consideration quality requirements, individual wishes and interests of customers based on study, best practices, technological and market trends, as well as innovative solutions. We are constantly improving design and making convenient service products.

The development of production processes based on the requirements of quality. All production processes within the company are carried out in the context of the standards series of ISO 9000. Our main task is the production of quality products and reduction of the impact of uncontrolled factors on production.

Control of production processes for quality assurance. Production processes are designed and equipped in such a way as to achieve high quality products. Trained skilled employees, adhering to job prescriptions and the requirements of technical documentations, control the main parameters of the processes at all stages of production.

Development of partnership relations with suppliers. “Orion, Ltd” gives particular attention to the careful selection of suppliers of raw materials, components, and services for the production of floating pontoons and moorages.

After-sales service and after-production service. For the production of floating pontoons and berths, not only the quality of its production at the plant is of great importance, but also the quality service provider. “Orion, Ltd” has an ample pool of trucks and lifting equipment for the implementation of this task.

One of the quality elements our company can boast of is the after-sales service, including warranty.

The involvement of employees in the quality management process. All of the staff of the company are an important link to the production process. For its effective use, all necessary conditions have been created within the company; there is constant training program and personnel motivation for the output of high quality products.

Testing and commitment to continuous improvement based on achieved results. The company is constantly involved in studying and comparing samples from different manufacturers on the market with the aim of identifying the most optimal solutions to improve the quality of products.