Service column

Company «Orion, Ltd» produces a wide range of multi-functional service pedestals, which are used to supply water, electricity and Internet connection for yachts and boats.

The body of the pedestals is made from stainless steel, which can be fully utilized, if necessary, and equipped with electrical sockets (of current rating from 16A to 250A) and water taps.

Technical specifications

The pedestals are fitted with lamps for local lighting using photocells. Based on the desire of a customer, the pedestals can be supplied with meters of water and electricity; and they are fixed to the pontoon frame with the help of bolts made from stainless steel.

All pontoons, manufactured by company “Orion Ltd”, are equipped with cable routes, access to which is possible from the outer side of the decking.

The security level of a pedestal is IP 54 according to section EN 60 529.