The floating pontoon (berth section) is a German-made rigid frame design of IRE220 profile and channel number 22. The longitudinal and lateral frameworks of the design are made of tubes of steel profiles. The sections are interconnected by means of powerful pivot-hinged junctions.

The deck coating is made of plastic board which is furnished with anti-skid polyethylene elements of five-year warranty. At the request of a client, the deck coating can be made of solid wood with a special vacuum-impregnated protective and decorative paint coating. The standard rectangular bumper (fender) lengthwise is made of two layers of polyethylene of black color.


The buoyancy of a berth section is ensured by plastic floats, filled with extrusion (closed-porous) polystyrene foam of high mechanical characteristics and resistance to climatic influences. Depending on the payload, which a berth section must sustain, and the required freeboard (height of the berth section over water level), the floats may be installed in one or two layers by height.

All sections are initially equipped with cable routes for the supply of electricity and water to marine service pedestals (equipments). The design of pontoon assembly also allows pivotally connecting fingerfloats to the sections at specified places (with step of 0.5 m), installing mooring bollards and cleats, as well as pile locks and service pedestals.

The positioning and fixation in a specified position of a berth section, and of all the floating pontoon system as a whole, can be realized with the help of mooring ropes (cables) and an anchoring system. For the fastening of mooring ropes and cables, each section has four special anchor rings or shackles. These anchor shackles are also used in rigging and lifting works, for mounting of sections during transportation, and also for the installation of some items such as belts and chains, which reinforce hinged junctions. During seasonal variations of the water level within the range of more than ± 0.5 m, the positioning and fastening of sections and berth is carried out, as a rule, by means of piles. Pile locks (clamps) can be mounted on the sections in the necessary places along the longer sides with spacing of 1 m and on the free end of sections. The composition and design of the anchor system as well as the number and size of piles are determined for each project, using relevant calculations on the basis of specific conditions of water area and the expected loads capacity.

All metallic parts and components of each section of the pontoon have a special multi-layer protective-decorative polymeric coating, which provides highly effective protection against climatic and mechanical effects of marine climate. Anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts based on the use of technology hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO1461.The hardware of pontoon section is made from stainless steel.

Sections of the pontoon system are pivotally interconnected by means of hinges of special design (see Fig.), which provides freely mutual interaction of their movement in a vertical plane. In the same way, a connection is made between the pontoon and the “fingerfloats”.

Main Technical Characteristics of the Berth Section (Pontoon)

1) Overall dimensions in plan (L x W), m: 12.15 x 2.25 (11.15 x 2. 25)
2) Mounting length of sections along the axes of hinges, m: 12.3 (11.3)
3) Useful square, m2: 27 * (25)
4) Draught (Immersion) of section in unloaded state, m: ≤ 0.3
5) Freeboard of pontoon in the unloaded state, m:
– During floats layout in one layer: ≥ 0.3
– During floats layout in two layers: ≥ 0.5
6) Estimated load of pontoon, kg/m2:
– During floats layout in one layer:100
– During floats layout in two layers: 150
7) Draught (Immersion) of the pontoon in loaded state, m:
– During floats layout in one layer: ≤ 0.4
– During floats layout in two layers: – 0,55
8) Freeboard of pontoon with full load capacity, m: 0.25
9) Ultimate concentrated load capacity of decking, kg/dm2: 50
10) Allowable load capacity on rupture of hinge units and anchor rings, ton: 3
* – During transportation of berth sections in 40-foot containers, the sections are manufactured in the dimensions indicated in parentheses.

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